Respect for People, has it ever truly been there?

Through just the past few weeks in the UK, even though the country is in turmoil, thanks to the Corona Virus this only seems to highlight what else the UK is doing wrong with not protecting the female population of the country.

First, there was the Royal Interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle, as an avid watcher of this interview there were two things that stood out to me, one was the fact that someone asked before Archie was born, what colour he would be?! This is a question that should never be asked, surely if the baby is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

Then there was the matter of Megan feeling so isolated by everyone, that she started to contemplate suicide. She, unlike a lot of people, went in search of help within the Royal Institution and she was denied help, with them saying “It would look bad on us if we allowed you to get help.” I fail to see how as a Royal Institution, they thought it would look bad on them if they allowed a woman like Megan who was struggling and scared for her mental Heath at this point help.

Those were the two biggest points that stood out to me within the interview, but I think that these points needed to be raised anyway within the British public, to make a point that anyone can be affected by Mental Health problems and Race issues as well. I think as a country, particularly at the moment because of COVID 19 we have become blind to all the other problems that are happening right under everyone’s nose.

So thank you Harry and Megan for coming forward and raising awareness as to what went wrong for you in this country, as it’s brought a whole lot more issues forward as well.

Then, of course, we had the disappearance of Sarah Everard who was like a lot of us at one time or another on her way home to her parents, when she was abducted.

Here it is important to note that she was wearing brightly coloured, easily recognisable clothing, whilst walking along the main roads, so there were plenty of streetlights in whichever direction she chose to travel in and yet she was still abducted.

This just highlights again that this can happen to anyone, but it’s highlighted this again, too late in my opinion this is something that should be tackled in schools up and down the UK how people should and shouldn’t be treated.

But the question is, why were these two different things happening to two completely different women? It seems to me as though we need to do more for Women of the UK, to allow them to feel safe and protected and not as though they have to walk down the street clutching on to their keys in their pockets.
The ideal steps forward should be to cover different cultures and ethnic minorities in schools so that when future generations leave the school environment they know how to respect and respond to the different people that they come across.

As Mental Health becomes a wider known situation across the globe, now is the time to be talking to students and making it quite clear, that if any student is suffering from anxiety or depression then they have always got somewhere to go and someone to talk to in complete confidence. Furthermore, this is something that should be widely addressed on the curriculum also just to shed light on the fact that not feeling bright and bubbly all the time is normal for anyone, not just adults.

Also, I think it is important that the respect of different people is covered in schools so that then children learn from a younger age that it is important to respect and keep people of all genders safe so that neither gender feels unsafe or intimidated when they are out when it’s darker.

All three of these different elements have got to be added to the school curriculum to make sure that we can move forward as a country away from all of this. As I am sure you can agree we have got enough going on as a country at the moment without the need to add to it, so I implore you if you are out and you see someone who looks uncomfortable in any situation, just call the police or if needed, go over to them to make sure that they are ok just to gauge what the situation is.



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