Being Me: Why I Write

Everyone has a story, everyone deserves a platform to tell their story.

Recently I have been inspired to tell you, dear reader, why I write. To which there is no easy answer, a large part of the truth behind why I write is being told to stay quiet for so long and not voice or raise my own opinions in discussions for fear of hurting or harming others. I was about 20 when I realised this was false and I had basically been told a lie.

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Being told that from an early age when I had gone through so much had a detrimental effect on my Mental Health that caused me to stay in my shell and not want to go out of it to do anything. This is why it’s taken me so long to be truthful online and to stand up in support of others going through Mental Health difficulties, raising awareness of different conditions that people may not as yet be aware of. I don’t want anyone else to feel like they have to suffer in silence because feeling like you have to stay silent because of what someone else might say, feels like you are constantly suffocated and if there's one thing that the Internet and Social Media has done for people is that it’s given everyone a platform that they can voice their opinions from.

All of that and plus I am from a small town in the UK where not much happens and the people who I have come across from the same town can be judgmental at times, which is why I think I make an effort to get to know and support everyone and this only has a positive impact on my writing as this can broaden my perspective on different issues that happen in either the news or on Social Media. As it helps me to understand the different issues that people from other communities go through, which then offers an alternative angle on the subject that I may not have previously come up with on my own.

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Writing to me is like therapy, words offer a freedom that other mediums don’t you can tell a lot from other people’s work where you might not be able to if you met them in the street. This is certainly true for me, as I was the lonely one at school and college as I was bullied a lot for being different and quirkier than the other kids, who wants to gossip about crushes all the time? Not me. So when I wasn’t hiding in either the Drama Room, organising things for a Drama Piece that the teacher wanted help with I was in the Library working on either my English, History or Geography essays as I liked the feeling of getting the words on a page.

Also since my Mental Health wasn’t in the best place it could be, I started playing around with getting my thoughts down on the page in front of me and while at first, this wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do and it certainly didn’t come naturally. Slowly but surely I started to be able to feel the benefit of my thoughts and feelings being out of my head and down on the page in front of me, this has also had such a positive impact on my Mental Health overall and it’s something that I can comfortably recommend to others as I know it works myself.

When I was younger and going through a lot of different things all at once, I started with what I thought at the time to be a more simplified version of journaling and that was writing Poetry, only last year I brought out those poems that I wrote as a book on Amazon I will include the link below this article should you want to check it out. However, since then I have come to realise just how difficult it is to write different forms of poetry, although whenever the mood strikes and I have a strong idea as to what I want to write I sit down with a pencil and a sheet of paper and let the words flow out onto the page in front of me.

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Furthermore, words have so many different uses many words are used to inform, communicate and entertain depending on the format they are used in. Only the other day I was sat pondering on how much writing I actually do and I was shocked at how many different things words are used for, whether it’s creating Social Media posts for businesses, writing blog posts or scripts for different projects we are all surrounded by words on a daily basis, yet how much do we take notice of the words we use?

Long story short I write to inspire, entertain, help and sometimes guide others on different subjects that aren’t spoken about very often if even they have ever been spoken about before. This comes from being silenced for so long and need to do my own research on subjects that I’ve needed help with, and the relevant articles have never been there, or they have but they were written in a format that I couldn’t understand.

Everyone has a story, everyone deserves a platform to tell their story.

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